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Art in the Park Windsor - Exhibitor FAQs



Setup day arrival dates and times

Friday, June 2, 2023 : 10am - 7pm
Saturday, June 3, 2022 : 7am - 9am

Show dates and times

Saturday June 3rd, 2023 : 10am - 7pm
Sunday June 4th, 2023 : 10am -5pm

Where do I report when I arrive on set up day?

Exhibitors must report to the Coach House upon arrival on setup day.  You will receive your registration packet which will include two (2) exhibitor passes (1) parking pass and a map of the park. If you do not register and you set up in the wrong area you will be asked to tear down and move.

Is there designated parking for exhibitors?

The two lots for exhibitor parking are at King Edward School and Walkerville Collegiate.  Your parking pass must be clearly visible on your windshield.  We provide security at each location and they will NOT allow you to park without your parking pass (you will be towed).  Trailers are allowed to park in the school parking lots in the designated areas.  One (1) parking pass per exhibitor.

King Edward School                                                    Walkerville Collegiate

853 Chilver Rd, Windsor On                                        2100 Richmond St, Windsor On

Parking lot access: Niagara St                                     Parking Lot access: Devonshire Rd


Can I drive my vehicle up my booth?

Vehicles will be allowed in the park and you can drive up to your booth, ONLY TO UNLOAD, at the discretion of Art in the Park organizers subject to ground conditions.  This guideline is set by the City of Windsor.  If there are any changes to the policy, it will be at the discretion of the City of Windsor Parks Dept and as in past years, you will be notified upon arrival.
After unloading, all vehicles MUST exit the park.  All vehicles, including trailers, must be out of the park ONE HOUR proior to start of show.  No exceptions.

What time can I access the park for setup?

The main gate on Niagara Street will be open at 10 am on the Friday and 7am on both Saturday and Sunday.
The other three gates will open at 7am on Saturday and 8am on Sunday.

Can I use stakes or weights to secure my tent?

Stakes and weights are acceptable to use to secure your tents.

Is there WIFI?

There is no WIFI at the park.  We suggest you purchase extra data from your service provider.

Can I get electrical power for my booth?

There is no electrical power available for exhibitor booths.

Is booth sharing allowed?

No other business other that the named business on the contract is allowed to exhibit and solicit in the reserved area. Booth sharing or subletting is prohibited.  You may not solicit materials or display products from businesses that are not an exhibitor with Art in the PArk.

Can set up another tent around my booth space to store supplies?

All storage of product will be at the booth site and no special provisions will be alloted.  No additional tents or trailers allowed behind or around your alloted space.

Impingement on adjacent exhibitor space?

You must maintain the booth size you requested and for which you paid.  No impingemnet on adjacent exhibitor space, no set-back of booths or protrusions beyond set booth dimensions is allowed.  Art in the Park committee members will be visiting each booth and this guideline will be strictly monitored.

Booth relocation?

We reserve the right to relocate exhibitor space which may be affected by a change in the exhibit floor plan.  We will do our best to accomodate booth location requests.

Directions to the park?

To find directions to the park please use Willistead Manor, 1899 Niagara Street, Windsor Ontario on Google Map or MapQuest.

Is there security at the park?

There is security on Friday and Saturday evenings and overnight.  You do not need to dismantle your tent.  Exhibitors are still responsible for their wares.

Is there an ATM available at the park?

ATM service will be available for you and your customers.  It will be located near the Coach House.

Do you provide customer payment options?

We do not provide customer payment options on the exhibitors behalf.  It is recommended that exhibitors arrange their own customer payment options for credit card and/or interac transactions.  

Is there a separate exhibitor washroom facility?

There is a separate exhibitor washroom facility available at the Garden House.  There will also be port-a-johns available around the park.  There is no exhibitor washrooms at the Coach House.

What time can we start dismantling our booth space?

Exhibitors may not start packing up and/or tearing down their booths prior to closing at 5pm on the Sunday.

Can I display or sell other items not indicated on my application?

You can only display and sell only the type of work for which the exhibitor has been selected.  Any additional work myst be pre-approved by the Jury for Art in the Park. 
Merchandise can neither be advertised nor displayed at a discounted rate.

Can I bring my pet to the event?

No animals will be allowed in the park during the show.  Please make arrangements for your pets.

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June 3rd & 4th 2023
Saturday 10am - 7pm
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Willistead Park
1899 Niagara Street, Windsor, ON N8Y 1K3

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